Art Opening Loose Space: July 29th 8-11PM

Andy Faulkner

Sofia Leiby

Taryn McMullen

Sarah Mosk

Vincent Stemmler

Michelle Villarreal

Something concrete. A rock and a vine. Will identity change as the form shifts, or does that very movement alter all that defines it? What would we put in an oversized time-capsule, a grave-marker of the now? If we layer ourselves under all the things we cherish, will we crack and split from the strain? 

 This group of artists, fueled by the unknown, are questioning the value of answers and a fascination with the juxtaposition of what is natural and what is artificial. We place our surrogate selves in different landscapes to see if any makes more sense than another. Memorializing this period before we have been beaten, before knowledge and experience get in the way of what is already known, and holding onto that innocence for dear life. Using a place holder to end something that was beautiful and start something new and undefined: a landmark of our convergence for just this one moment in time. To seek out the mystery and allow it to exist untamed and unresolved is the only admirable quest.

2730 W Armitage Ave.  BBQ + Beer as well!

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